Traditionally, Portuguese restaurants in Macao were a male domain – retired army officers, policemen and government servants who opted to stay on in Macao opened little establishments and served the food of their homeland. The food was good, but in those days it was impossible to find genuine Macanese food in restaurants. Macanese food belonged in the home where the ladies cooked from recipes handed down through countless generations.

Then, a few years ago, a revolution took place. It was the ladies. Several of them staged a walk-out, abandoning their home kitchen and taking with them their spices, seasonings and cherished family recipes. They started opening restaurants and bringing authentic Macanese family cuisine into the limelight for all to enjoy.

One of the leaders of this revolution was Manuela Ferreira – an accomplished cook and hostess, well used to entertaining friends in her own home. Manuela opened Restaurante Litoral, now acclaimed as one of the finest Macanese restaurants in the city and has devoted much of her time to promoting this very special cuisine. Now, in the beautifully decorated atmosphere of her restaurant you can enjoy the tastes that are part of the cultural heritage of Macao.

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